A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You control Emma, who has the ability to swap her position in space with other objects. Use this power to solve different puzzles in 14  cyberpunk style levels!


  • W/Spacebar Jump
  • A/LeftArrow: Walk Left
  • D/RightArrow: Walk Right
  • LeftMouseClick: Swap places


A game made for GamePlusJam2

Lead Developer: Tiziano Xie(Tozzo)

Programmer: Tiziano Xie

Art made by: Valerio Xie

Music made by: Valerio Xie

Beta Tester: Jessica Xie

Sounds from: Freesound


#1 MacOS huge cursor fixed

#2 level 12 now has 3 blocks instead of 2 to facilitate the puzzle

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and then find the executable file


CyberSwap_Windows_0.2.zip 27 MB
CyberSwap_Linux_0.2.zip 57 MB
CyberSwap_MacOS_0.2.zip 28 MB

Development log

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